Health Care Advice

Brush at least twice a day.

The best time to brush teeth is after meals. Choose a toothbrush with a small head for better access to back teeth. Soft bristles are kinder on your gums

Use fluoridated toothpaste

Fluoride helps to harden tooth enamel and reduces your risk of decay.

Limit sugary foods

Bacteria in dental plaque change sugars into acids.

Removal Orthodontic

Removal of braces

During treatment, some patient’s gum tissue becomes puffy and bulbous. As soon as your braces are removed, the gum tissue will start to shrink. To make your gums return to normal size quickly, massage the gums with your toothbrush bristles and floss. If after a period of time the gum tissue has still not receded back to normal limits, ask your orthodontist if a periodontal consult is needed. In some cases, the periodontist will perform a gingivectomy or gingivoplasty to get proper gingival contours.

Right after braces are removed, most patients say it feels slimy. Yes slimy. This may be due to the fact that the braces push the lips and cheeks away from the teeth and gum tissues over the many months of treatment. When the braces are removed, the lips and cheeks are now right up against the gums and teeth. The slimy feeling will go away quickly as you brush and floss your teeth, and it will start to feel normal.